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Health Tip : Ginger Tea to cure Flu, Cough & Sore Throat

If you are like me and have been hit by the bout of flu, cough and sore throat season that swept the city. Don’t worry there’s this cool tip I learnt that should get you back to speedy recovery very soon !

Well the tip is ginger tea

Now before you read further, I am not a doctor or a medical professional but I am passionate about learning and sharing health tips and tricks.

My obsession with health tips started when I stumbled on a book in my dad’s library. That book  was ‘Jack La Lanne Way to Vibrant Good Health and the book was about the importance of cutting out processed food and incorporating daily exercise.

He wasn’t just a health book author but at the age of 60 he swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound boat. And as if his record wasn’t enough, at 70, handcuffed and shackled again, he towed 70 boats, carrying a total of 70 people, a mile and a half through Long Beach Harbor.

He redefined what it means to be truly healthy and have a good quality of  life in your golden years.

Hence, I started following his tips from his book and I’m always obsessed about a health tip that I can incorporate into my daily routine.

So, back to the story of ginger tea

This dried ginger tea recipe came to me from my mom’s friend that studied Chinese traditional massage and learnt a health tip which was to get the client to drink thick ginger tea which will stimulate blood circulation before the client receives massage treatment.

What’s ginger ?

Ginger is basically a South East Asian flowering plant whose rhizome is widely used as a spice in cuisine.

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What are the benefits of drinking ginger tea ?

+ Reduce Inflammation
+ Increases Blood Circulation
+ Reduce Muscle Pain & Soreness
+ Improves Digestion & Soothe Stomach Aches
+ Improves immune System
+ Fights Fungal Infections
+ Eases Menstrual Pain
+ Lowers Cholesterol Levels

So, what’s so special about this ginger tea tip ?

It calls for ginger slices that has been sundried and aged.

Now you may ask why dried ginger instead of fresh ginger slices ?In Traditional Chinese Medicine,  fresh ginger is recommended for the reduction of fever while consuming dried ginger is recommended to keep our body healthy and warm .

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So where do you get dried ginger slices ?

There’s a couple of options out there
Option 1 – Buy the ginger root, wash it , peel it and then cut it and dry it outside. I found this method to be quite time consuming.

Option 2 – Buy dried ginger slices. I opt for this option since it’s more time efficient.

But what if you can’t get sundried ginger slices ?

Don’t worry you can modify the recipe to incorporate fresh ginger slices.Based on my own personal experience I find that ginger tea incorporating dried ginger slices gives off a much smoother taste compared to using fresh ginger slices.

What’s the ginger tea recipe ?

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1. Boil 5g of dried ginger slices & 600 ml of water using a slow cooker to cook overnight (8 hours)

2 In the morning you can scoop out the ginger tea into a flask and sip it throughout the day.

Ok, the verdict is when you first started drinking ginger tea you might find it a bit strong. But take small sips at first and gradually you will end up getting used to consuming it.

The trick for maximum efficacy is that you must consume it when it’s warm.

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Personally, I found drinking dried ginger tea very helpful after I incorporated this tip into my lifestyle , I used to feel extremely cold  due to air conditioner exposure whilst in the office.

On top of that, I used to wrap myself up in layers of shawl and jacket like a snowman and exclaim how cold the office was whilst my colleagues just shook their head and said otherwise.

Ever since I came across this health tip  I religiously drank this tea every single day and after a week I could see that my immune system was stronger and I was no longer feeling extremely cold in the office.

So there you go that’s my tip on dried ginger tea . Try it out and if this tip works well with you , do share your experience.

love // skye

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